Hello, my dear friend!

My name is Veronika Barsky and I’m a children’s and family photographer

I’m in the Top-10 best photographers of Novorossiysk and Top-300 best children’s photographers of World 

Photography is not just my profession, but also my love, my passion and my life.

I chose the specialization of children’s photography because I love children very much and I’m interested in working with them. I work in a fairy-tale genre and try to make every frame magical.

I conduct such shootings as:

  • children’s shooting
  • family shooting
  • lovestory shooting
  • pregnancy shooting
  • shooting with animals

Shooting with animals is my separate love. This is a very difficult type of shooting, but the sweetness of such shots is simply off the scale

Every time you come to me for a shoot, I sincerely believe that we will remain friends with you and I will become your family photographer. I am happy to watch my little models grow and I’m  grateful to you for your long-term trust.

About me. Children’s and family photographer in Egypt, Bali, Thailand and World


September 🇪🇬 Egypt